This is where you can find updates about my fiction. I published my debut novel, Rites, in 2012. The links below are reviews and media related to that. I’ve been working on my second novel, Point No Point (a love letter to the eighteenth-century novel, set in the tumultuous 1790s) for about six bloody years. It’s nearly finished, I swear.

  • Arts Council England’s coverage of the German translation deal for Rites
  • A beautifully written and perceptive feature on Rites by Danny Arter in the Kensington & Chelsea Review.
  • “Stunning… A new writer who possesses breathtaking originality and verve”. Ian Kirkpatrick reviews Rites. http://iandavidkirkpatrick 
  • “A wonderful sense of uncertainty” “Insightful observations” “A fine debut novel”. David Hebblethwaite reviews Rites.
  • The wonderful local news channel One&OtherTV came to the book launch of Rites on Saturday 16 June 2012 and made this gorgeous short film about the event. Crikey, all my friends are good looking.
  • First radio interview about Rites! With the lovely Elly Fiorentini on BBC Radio York. In which, despite horrific nerves beforehand, I had a grand old time. Starts about 9 minutes in.
  • In which my cherished University shows off about my book, and I am very happy to let them. Please note the reference to Rebecca Pedley’s role in producing Rites – fantastically astute young editor with a critical acumen I could only dream about at such a tender age. She’ll go far.
  • Interview by Stephen May, author of ‘Life! Death! Prizes!’ (Bloomsbury). In which I am compared, for the first and only time, to a Spartan. The man has not seen me deconstruct an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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