About me and this site

Hello, and welcome to my blog! (scroll down for latest posts). Here’s a bit about me, if you’re interested:

By day, teaching Romantic literature at Cardiff University and writing my first monograph, Romantic Onomastics: Naming and Identity in Britain 1770-1814. See here for my research page.

By night, crafting fiction and culinary treats. I wrote a novel a couple of years ago. It looks like this. Philip Pullman liked it. The second one’s on the way. I’m repped by Euan Thorneycroft at A.M.Heath.

I was a BBC/AHRC New Generation Thinker 2014-2015, and I’m pretty interested in public engagement. So there’s stuff up here about that too.

I blog about: writing fiction; eighteenth-century literature and culture; being an Early Career Researcher in the UK; arts funding; the odd modern novel; and food.

Say hello on Twitter, and feel free to follow me if you don’t mind pictures of my cat.https://twitter.com/SMCoulombeau


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