Introducing our Strange Bedfellows bloggers!

Today, my friends, is an exciting day. As some of you may remember from this post, I’ve recently been working to launch an interdisciplinary academic/creative project called ‘Strange Bedfellows?: Creativity and Analysis in an Age of Austerity’. I run this with my York colleague Ben Madden, my Hull colleague Ryan Hanley, and more recently in collaboration with Alys Mostyn at the University of Leeds. We’re all PhD students with a keen interest in the relationship between creativity and analysis, both on a private cognitive level and in public and higher education policy. If you like my personal blog, which basically considers the relationship between creativity and analysis in my own life, I can say pretty definitively that you’ll find Strange Bedfellows interesting. You can find out more about the project’s mission statement here

The project has four strands to it:

*a speaker series (kicking off with the fantastic Charles Fernyhough, novelist and Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Durham, speaking about Neuroscience And The Novel on October 18th;

*a public engagement project in a local secondary school (partners on board; funding application submitted; sitting tight);

*an interdisciplinary conference and panel of writers reflecting on government treatment of creativity and analysis, happening at the year’s end (currently being put together; exciting developments afoot)


The blog is the big news today. Over the last few months, Ben Ryan and I have been soliciting and evaluating applications from a huge range of dynamic, innovative thinkers who have something important to say about the way that creativity and analysis interact in their daily lives and wanted to blog collaboratively for Strange Bedfellows. With great difficulty, we selected our final panel of eleven in August. These people think, study, work and create across the disciplines of visual art, music, film, poetry, fiction, philosophy, publishing and criticism. They will all be blogging approx once every fortnight for us over the course of the next academic year, interacting with each other and the public to develop their own and our communal thinking about this relationship and why it’s important. You can read their profiles here and see the Strange Bedfellows post explaining what the blog is all about here

If you’re interested in higher education / the arts / creativity / interdisciplinarity, bookmark this blog and follow us on @StrangeBedProj to get a digest of blog posts from day to day and follow the Strange Bedfellows journey over the academic year.

A big welcome to the blogging team! We’re delighted to have you on board.


2 thoughts on “Introducing our Strange Bedfellows bloggers!

  1. Hi Sophie, just found you via This Is Not The Six Word Novel blog; I’ll put Rites forward as a suggestion for a future read at our small but perfectly formed Book Club, just outside York. And my son, a musician and designer, currently completing his Masters at Salford may well be interested in your current ‘blog experiment’. You can find him at

  2. Thanks John! It’d be great to have Rites read by your book club, and I’ll check James’s website out. We may be doing guest blogs in the future so if it’s something he’s interested in putting an idea forward for then maybe we can have a chat. Thanks for the comment!

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